*BEST RECORDING PACKAGE -design Natalia Olbinski


*BEST ARRANGEMENT, INSTRUMENTS AND VOCALS - The Way You Touched My Hand (arr. Mariel Roberts)


*BEST MUSIC VIDEO - You're My Morning feat. Pajarones


Vocalist, performer & composer Vivienne Aerts’ new album Typuhthâng is created  together with 100 next-generation female musicians, and in collaboration with Original Beans ChocolateTypuhthâng and aims to empower the female cacao farmers of Virunga State Park in Congo and replant the rainforest.

"The aim of the project is essentially two-fold – to promote awareness of sustainability and to give females a sense of self-appreciation and empowerment, all through light-hearted music that is ethereal, at times in the form of lullabies, and at others a blend of jazz, electronica, and classical, intended to be multi-sensory experience." - MAKING A SCENE

Typuhthâng - written and produced by Vivienne Aerts. Arrangements: Linnea Lundgren (1), Camila Meza (3), Mariel Roberts (4), Ines Velasco Montiel (6), Ga Young Bae (7), Zahili Gonzalez Zamora (9). Mixing: Jess Fenton, Mastering: Maria Triana. Recorded with over 100 female musicians. 

Vivienne Aerts Album Cover - Typuhthâng copy

In collaboration with Original Beans Chocolate

New York-based Dutch singer Aerts' third album exists in a parallel dimension to most releases - JAZZWISE
This is a project album filled with wonderful sounds, tones, vocals and instrumentation. - SIMPLY JAZZ TALK
Aerts has beautifully used the power of music as a tool and resource to empower others… as well as chocolate! Music will always be a force for good and it is so wonderful to see it being used as such. - JAZZ VIEWS
You are invited to the private Pre-Release Party of (650 × 450 px) (Facebook Event Cover) (24 x 18 in) (Instagram Post) (Real Estate Flyer)
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Artwork - by Natalia Olbinski 

🏆 Longlisted for the World Illustration Awards

The album is available physically on cd and vinyl, and digitally. The initial pressing of 500 numbered exclusive copies comes with a bar of Femmes de Virunga Chocolate. The cover artwork is screen-printed on cacao pulp paper. The 36 pages interior booklet is printed on French paper and is designed and illustrated by Natalia Olbinski. In addition, you will get a sticker page with lips and beans! The 1st pressing of the Vinyl will be restricted to 300 units and will come with chocolate and the booklet as well. The regular edition of the album also comes with a bar of chocolate as well as the booklet. Order your copy here! 

Vivienne Aerts - Typuhthang - artwork
VIvienne contributors.pdf (Poster (Landscape))



*BEST RECORDING PACKAGE -'Typuhthâng'(design Natalia Olbinski)


*BEST MUSIC VIDEO - You're My Morning feat. Pajarones

🏆 Awarded First price Animated Music Video at ChileMonos 2023

🏆 Jury mention SMOF stop motion our fest - category short film 2023

press release published in Folk and Rock Magazine



*BEST ARRANGEMENT, INSTRUMENTS AND VOCALS The Way You Touched My Hand (arr. Mariel Roberts)


"Just as you’re settling into the middle of the road, ‘The Way You Touched My Hand’'s dark shudders and sour swoons of strings create a more avant-garde, broken torch song.  - JAZZWISE




“Silence”, built around a small string orchestra and the singer’s crystal-pure intimate voice (that puts me in mind here of the semi-legendary Patty Waters) - SOUNDS AND COLOURS

About the artist

“The staggeringly versatile skill-set of NYC-based Dutch Singer, Educator, Psychologist and Artist-preneur Vivienne Aerts busts myths around the ‘Jill of all trades’ paradigm with a nonchalance that leaves even the most skeptical purist taking a bow. A practicing clinical psychologist and choir conductor in Europe before she went on to be a Fulbright scholar and Suma Cum Laude Berklee graduate, her collaborators since have included some of the most iconic names in the world of jazz. Her eclectic ‘experience’ events in collaboration with her husband, renowned pastry chef Ted Steinebach was the root of her multi-disciplinary approach to the making of her new album, ‘Typuhthâng’, which not just features a 100 female musicians from around the globe, but also comes with a bar of bean-to-bar chocolate from Original Beans Chocolate, a company that pro-actively empowers female cacao farmers of Virunga State Park in Congo. Besides this, she is a voting member of the Grammy Recording Academy and a faculty member at Berklee College of Music where she has been instrumental in building a new generation of performers who are not only skilled musicians but also mentally and physically healthy individuals. The Fulbright scholar is known for addressing core issues artists and educators alike have been grappling with unnoticed for generations: mental health, well-being, and the hamster-wheel effect the neglect of the same threatens to have on the arts eco-system. With side-notes of entrepreneurship for the artist, disparities between European and North American attitudes towards education, and chocolate.”

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